Our History

Materializing his passion for woodworking, it was Jorge Matias who, in 1981 and in the Batalha region, founded Moverel.
The small pavilion where domestic furniture was produced, first only for the portuguese market, grew with the dream and the desire to innovate in a sector and region with great potential. Today, Moverel is a company with ​​12,000 m2 of total area and where exclusive projects are developed for national and international costumers..


Architect Projects

We work in partnership with your architects to create unique solutions according to the specifications and functionality of spaces.

Technical drawing

We offer the development of technical design built according to the safety, durability, functionality or standardization needs for your sector.

Prototype Planning

We develop and test prototypes, making the alterations needed until the desired product is found.

Production Development

We define the production process, looking for the best solutions, fully adapted to each project.


Because we know the inherent difficulties in designing projects assembly, we provide a team of qualified and reliable technicians so that your projects can be implemented effortlessly and safely.

Warranty and After Sales Service

All the projects we develop have two years guarantee and our team will be always available to develop solutions and any needs that may arise.


Love Rosa Interior

Love Rosa is an interior inspired by revivalism, romanticism and tranquility shown by details and through a palette of pastel and earth colors.

Natural Interior

This inspirations demonstrate the nature and purity of materials as oak and natural straw and through earth and pastel tones.

Royals Interior

A luxurious but comfortable interior, built with noble materials as walnut, brass and natural stone.


Experience: 38 years
Team: 60 employees
Facilities: 12.000m2
Presence: on 3 Continents
Rooms per year: 10.000 rooms

Delivering not just furniture but complete interior design projects, ensuring effectiveness and competitiveness, regardless of the scale, style or economic positioning of the project is the main goal that continues to move Moverel toward a challenging future.


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We start from the idea that all well-designed pieces of furniture become timeless.


​Moverel, SA
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Casal do Relvas 
2440-339 Batalha

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