What are the main interior design trends for the year 2020?

06 de March, 2020

With the start of a new year it is time to reflect, even when we talk about creating interior design.

What materials should be used in the manufacture of furniture? What kind of decoration pieces to use? What colors will be in trend?

Moverel's designers reflected and left us a list of the 4 main interior design trends for 2020:

If, in recent years, Monochromia has gained ground in fashion and decoration trends, the truth that its use in the construction of environments presents itself as one of the main trends in interior design for 2020.
Using colors to convey feelings and emotions to environments, the idea is to find the ideal color for the space and the feeling to transmit and vary only the tones of the environment, maintaining the color pattern and finding the best elements to explore it.

Choosing the specific color of the project is therefore essential. Interior architecture uses it in a bold and impactful way, as a technique to break the monotony and create dramatic and stylish interiors, whatever the color chosen, intense or soft.
Knowing how to integrate different decoration materials and elements, such as cushions, frames or lighting, but according to the color of the project and which harmonize the various tones and convey the right message and feel, is the great challenge of this trend.

In a very simple way, a Biophilic environment is composed of natural elements and/ or that refer us to nature. It is an increasingly usual trend in architecture and interior design that demonstrates the awareness of the need to respect the environment. Carrying out a project through this trend then means creating an environment that increases the connection with nature, transmits positive energy and helps to regulate emotional balance, even in closed spaces.
The use of natural materials for the construction of furniture, decoration through vegetation, the use of natural light and the primacy of the use of colors and organic shapes are just some of the tactics to be used by those who want a harmoniously biophilic interior design.

Also not being a totally new idea, the use of disruptive Patterns gains strength in 2020.
The use goes from the printed elements, such as cushions, bedspreads or rugs to the detail in some pieces of furniture or even highlight, for example, in the decoration made through wallpaper or 3D tiles.

This is probably the big surprise of the decoration trends of 2020. After so long listening to only minimalism in interior design, we realize that the Maximal style is back. And even more daring.
Intense colors, mixture of various patterns, materials and textures, irreverence marks this style where the main motto is “the more the better”.
These projects, loaded with color and detail, tell several stories through the large and detailed pieces of furniture, carpets and large paintings, patterned wallpapers and vibrant color curtains, often in harmony between various styles (mainly Baroque, postmodern, contemporary and classic).
However, and despite being exaggerated, this trend in architecture and design is guided by good taste and the search for the ideal dosage, with contrast and complementation being unmistakable marks of the same.

Do you agree with our designers? What other trends do you foresee for 2020?
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