7 tips to transform your room into a hotel room

30 de June, 2020

If you already opened the door of a luxury hotel room, you know what we are talking about.

The feeling that the door is also the entrance to a totally different dimension, that makes us forget stress and discomfort and where we feel good and safe.

But if it is true that hotel rooms are designed to give us these feelings, why can't we pass them on to our room? After all, the bedroom often ends up being the place of refuge in the house and where we should feel safe and comfortable, for a relaxed reading of a book or for a very peaceful night's rest.

Our team, with experience in creating rooms for different types but always glamorous hotels, has created a list with 7 simple tips that will transform your room into a true hotel room.


1. Define spaces in space

It may seem strange but think that one of the main characteristics of hotel rooms is the different areas that exist inside the room.

A sleeping area, with a good bed that we will talk about later, a reading area, comfortable and well lit, a work area, which we have now learned to give importance to and even a place where you can quietly drink tea or coffee, for example.

When defining the areas of your new room, keep in mind, however, that unlike hotel rooms, your room should be customized according to your taste and needs. Design before you start defining what areas you want, what color palette you prefer and how you can make this space yours, comfortable and functional.


2. Invest in quality furniture

It may not seem like it, but quality furniture with a timeless design and adaptable to various environments is essential for the success of a bedroom remodeling project, especially when looking for comfort and luxury.


The bed is the fundamental part of this space and must be robust. Choosing a spacious, wooden bed, for example, guarantees you a style and a lasting piece. Do not forget to invest in a good mattress, adapted to your comfort, and in a soft bedding (and preferably also easily washable) that will give the last touch of refinement you are looking for at bedtime.

The headboard can also be chosen as a sophisticated piece of decoration and functionality, making the room even more luxurious.

3. Make sure you feel comfortable

Do you hear your neighbors when try to sleep in silence in your room? Did you know that there are solutions to stop this happening?

Insulating the walls, adding padded wall panels or even using fabric to cover some walls are solutions that in addition to perfecting the interior design also bring you comfort.

Room temperature is also one of the factors that has the most influence on the feeling of comfort in a room. If you can, invest in an air conditioning unit that allows you to choose between cold for hot nights and hot for cold ones. There are also models that allow air purification, ideal for asthmatics or people with allergies.

After applying these solutions, maximize the comfort of your hotel room with... pillows, of course. Big, smaller, cute, with patterns, classic, don't be afraid to mix various textures, models and colors. Use and abuse in bed but also in the armchair of the reading area, for example.

4. Finding the right lighting

If it is true that natural light is by far the best. Don't forget that you will probably spend the most time in your room at night.

The tricks are simple and the result is guaranteed:


. add a light next to the bed and, preferably, that is directed and accessible, even if you are in bed;

 . for the ceiling, choose models that are suspended and more modern and pay attention to the color of the lamp you choose - the yellow tone, besides being more welcoming, create an atmosphere of relaxation;

   . place a light in the reading area, independent of the others;

  . illuminate the wardrobe with an automatic light that comes on whenever you open the door;

   . if the bathroom is part of the bedroom, don't forget that mirror lighting is essential.


5. Create a functional space

Thinking of several areas in a room is not always possible. However, you can create an area adaptable to various uses or use the balcony, for example, to create a new area.


Incorporate a rotating table that allows the television to be directed to the bed, the armchair or the work table, depending on the occasion or to create a zone, with a small table, which in addition to reading allows you to have late breakfasts are good solutions.

Using the balcony to create an outdoor area, to enjoy a book and a glass of wine in the late afternoon will make you feel like you are in a relaxing hotel room.

6. Choose decoration to detail

The decoration of an hotel rooms is, for the most part, quite generic. The frames on the wall depend to the type of hotel, with images of the beach, the mountain or more abstract in case of more modern styles. However, this being your hotel room, don't be afraid to personalize it.

Don't exaggerating the amount of items you put in your room! That’s the key to not losing the spirit of a hotel room. But use special items that convey peace and happiness. One of your favorite paintings, some family photographs or a bookcase are always good options.

Also unlike hotel rooms, carpets are a winning bet. Although it is not so simple when cleaning, remember that being able to walk barefoot is so relaxing.

7 - Use technology

It's the icing on the cake. A good television with a good sound system designed to be embedded in the wall to watch movies or listen to your favorite music is a dream that today you can achieve at home.

If you want to bet seriously on technology, you can follow the example of some more modern hotel interiors that provide from their own sockets to charge the cell phone, simple connection between smartphone, TV and stereo or even the automatic control of light and curtains.

Is there anything more comfortable than opening the curtains and turning on the background music even before you get out of bed?

If now you are wondering how you can transform your room into a real hotel room, check out some of the interiors we have created for hotel rooms or let yourself dream out with our inspirations.

Our team is also available in case you have a project that you want to develop. Contact us.