We execute any project of any scale.

MOVEREL is a company specializing in the manufacture and trade of hotel furniture with 38 years of history.
With the experience gained in developing exclusive furniture lines for our customers and carrying out various contract projects, such as hotels, assemblies, courts, schools, office buildings and airports, it has enabled us to be able to execute any project, regardless of its nature, scale, style or economic positioning.

We work in partnership with your architects to create unique solutions according to the specifications and functionality of spaces.
We think each project as an opportunity to express the knowledge and passion of our multidisciplinary team in developing furniture adapted for Hotels.

We offer the development of technical design built according to the safety, durability, functionality or standardization needs for your sector and always guaranteeing high quality standards.

We develop and test prototypes, making the alterations needed until the desired product is found.

The definition of the production process is the focus of our team that works to find the best solutions, adapted to each project, and follows the production and manufacturing process of all furniture.
The constant sharing of information with our customers about the progress and state of operations maximizes productivity and project management..

Because we know the inherent difficulties in designing projects assembly, we provide a team of qualified and reliable technicians so that your projects can be implemented effortlessly and safely.

All the projects we develop have two years guarantee and our team will be always available to develop solutions and any needs that may arise.